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7 Day Challenge: Thy Will Be Done

Take the “Thy Will Be Done” Challenge

Here’s how it works. Remember to include “Thy Will Be Done” in your prayers for 7 days. Always expect that this means something wonderful is on its way to you … that God has something great to send your way. Better than you could image! Then post your results on your favorite social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) using the hash tag #ThyWillBeDone during each day of the challenge.

I’m documenting my experience with the challenge here. I’ll be updating as the days go by.

Day 1 of #ThyWillBeDone Challenge

I am consciously praying “Thy Will Be Done” over my business and expecting God to help me create new things. On the first day, I sat down with a pen and paper and prayed that God would give me answers as I brainstormed on my business. I asked God how many people He wanted in my upcoming mastermind. I asked Him a series of questions to discover how to promote it and who should be involved. I jotted down the answers and within a few minutes, I had a great idea come to me, which I immediately implemented.

Day 2 of #ThyWillBeDone Challenge

My mother was in the hospital. She’s been having heart problems and it’s been touch and go. We nearly lost her last week. I remembered my challenge to pray “Thy will be done” and expect the best. So I did.

She ended up getting to go home the same day. She just needed her meds adjusted.

My brother (who lives out of town and rarely visits) came to see her. So today I went to visit her and it was the first time in years my brother, two sisters, aunt and cousin were together with my mom and dad in years. My mom said it was like Christmas. It was a great day for all of us. Much better than I could have imagined.

Day 3 of #ThyWillBeDone Challenge

I have a marketing systems mastermind starting Wednesday and I’m praying that God’s will be done on who signs up and how many enroll. While I’ve set an intention for 12 people, I’m trusting whatever outcome He sends my way will work out ideally for me and all concerned.

Day 4 of #ThyWillBeDone Challenge

It’s the time of the month when all the bills are due and I wanted to treat my hubby to a Valentine’s dinner/movie tonight. So I told God this morning that I’d like to treat my hubby, and if He thought that was a good idea, to please send the funds to cover my obligations and the extra I would need for the date night tonight. Either way, Thy Will Be Done. Voila, just made a sale that did the trick. Thank you, God!

Day 5 of #ThyWillBeDone Challenge

Making a conscious effort daily to ask for help in achieving my daily goals by asking God for help with the outcome. Then giving it to Him with “Thy will be done.” I’m open to letting whatever comes be enough and also to having whatever comes be a delightful surprise.

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