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Closer To Christ: Feeling Jesus’ Love

We all experience ups and downs in our faithfulness and devotion. For me, I really want to do the right thing; but, as it turns out, I am a weak vessel. I need to ask for help continually and repent continually. One weekend a few months ago, I was feeling sheepish about my efforts to be a disciple. I felt a yearning in my heart to lay aside the preoccupations that so easily distract me and truly be close to my Savior, Jesus Christ. I wanted to feel Jesus’ love.

Feeling Jesus’ Love

I wondered for the billionth time if I was significant enough to Christ that He would care that I felt that way. These were the emotions swirling through my heart and mind as I entered the chapel that Sunday. As we prepared for and received the Sacrament a feeling of peace filled all the doubtful spaces in my heart. I felt loved.

A few weeks later a scripture came clearly and suddenly to mind in direct response to the thoughts I’d been having earlier.

1 John 4:19

We love Him, because He first loved us.

The yearning I felt to be closer to Christ did not originate with me, Christ felt that way first. My yearning evidences His yearning. Our relationship with Him does matter a great deal to Him. He understands our preoccupations and mortal weaknesses more fully than anyone, offers us a way to lay them aside, and cheers for any progression (however small it seems) we may make. He loves us. And I love Him.

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Bethany Sanner

Life hasn’t sheltered me from hard things and I still love it! We can be happy, energized and curious because of Jesus Christ and the incredible gift that our lives are. Keeping faith in trying circumstances is what we’re here to learn and it’s ok and even necessary to ask hard questions! The important thing is to look for and expect answers in the right places and in His timing. I aspire to paint a clearer picture of our Savior for myself and any fellow readers and hope we can strengthen our personal relationship with Him. I strive for succinctness. I have an ever growing list of interests and future goals/pursuits but my most precious roles of all are those of wife and mother.


  1. We must never give up! Beautifully stated, Bethany. We do love Him because He first loved us.

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