Light the World- Build the Kingdom

Light the World: Build the Kingdom 90 Day Challenge

Please join me in my 90-Day Light The World: Build The Kingdom Challenge. The video below explains how it works. Each morning we’re going to get down on our knees and ask God to tell us one thing we can do that day to build the kingdom and light the world for Him. As we […]

second guessing inspiration

Stop Second Guessing Inspiration

Have you ever prayed about something, got a clear direction to take, and when you take it, it leads to pain and disappointment? I don’t know about you, but when that happens to me, my first instinct is to doubt my ability to receive revelation. That’s a scary feeling not to trust that you heard […]

clay in his hands

Clay In His Hands – Jessie Clark Funk

Lyrics of “Clay In His Hands” by Jessie Clark Funk There are times we all feel unimportant. There are times we feel we have nothing there to give. That our lives ride on waves upon the ocean Tossing to and fro, no compass from within. Chorus But our Lord, Our Father, we are the clay, […]

hearing God

Hearing God: Discerning God’s Voice

Would you like to get better at hearing God? Come with me back in time to a bright spring afternoon, the very first Easter. The birds are singing; lilies are blooming across the Jerusalem countryside. Jesus is risen. The angels have appeared to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary only this morning. They have reported […]

mothers love

What My Mother’s Love Taught Me About God’s Love

For the last three weeks my mother has been very ill. She teeters at the doorway of death, bouncing back and forth in a hellish nightmare of passing out, blacking out, and sick sinking feelings as if her body were shutting down. For at least 40 hours straight her pacemaker recorded her heart in atrial […]

hearing God

Political Correctness: What Would Jesus Say?

We live in a world run rampant with political correctness. As I was reading through Matthew chapter 10, which records Jesus calling his twelve apostles and telling them of their duties and the unpopularity they would face, I wondered what Jesus would say about being politically correct in today’s world. He warned his disciples that […]

forever lyrics

Forever Lyrics and Music: Performed By Nathan Pacheco

“Forever” Lyrics Originally Recorded by Kari Jobe The moon and stars they wept The morning sun was dead The Saviour of the world was fallen His body on the cross His blood poured out for us The weight of every curse upon Him One final breath He gave As heaven looked away The son of God […]

peace, prosperity, happiness

Peace, Prosperity, Happiness: Are We Missing The Boat?

We all want peace, prosperity and happiness, but are we looking in all the wrong places? I have a good friend who lives near the ocean. She and her husband invited several couples to a party on their boat. About ten minutes before everyone was to meet on the boat, my friend spoke with one […]

how to be happy

How to Be Happy, Blessed and Fortunate

A multitude followed Jesus up into a mountain where he began to teach them what we call the ‘‘Sermon on the Mount’’ or the Beatitudes. In Latin, beatus is the basis of the English ‘beatitude,’ meaning ‘to be fortunate,’ ‘to be happy,’ or ‘to be blessed.’ So it was here on the mountain that Jesus […]

thy will be done

7 Day Challenge: Thy Will Be Done

Take the “Thy Will Be Done” Challenge Here’s how it works. Remember to include “Thy Will Be Done” in your prayers for 7 days. Always expect that this means something wonderful is on its way to you … that God has something great to send your way. Better than you could image! Then post your […]