overcoming adversity

Overcoming Adversity: Treasures In the Pit

Have you ever felt like life has dealt you such a blow that you’re in a deep, dark pit? You struggle for months or even years to understand why you’re caught in this pit. Over time you learn to look to the Savior and His light begins to shine in and illuminate the crevices of […]

God and money

God and Money: Jesus on Finances

We often have questions about God and money. How did Jesus feel about money and meeting our obligations? When Jesus and his disciples came into Capernaum, the people who received tribute money came to Peter and asked him if his Master paid tribute. Peter affirmed that he did. As they started to go into the […]

fishers of men

Purpose Driven Life: Becoming Extraordinary In Christ

There’s a remarkable story in Matthew chapter 4 that we often take for granted because we’ve heard it so much. Simon and Andrew had heard that Jesus was the Messiah. One day, Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee and saw them casting a net into the sea. And He said to them, “Follow […]