Listening to the Still Spirit of God

Standing in church last week, my spirit was troubled. I never like it when my spirit is upset. Typically, my spirit is upset and overwhelmed by fear or worry. When I come into his house to praise Him, I experience peace. In most situations, my fear falls off and worry dissipates as I worship God, […]

mothers love

What My Mother’s Love Taught Me About God’s Love

For the last three weeks my mother has been very ill. She teeters at the doorway of death, bouncing back and forth in a hellish nightmare of passing out, blacking out, and sick sinking feelings as if her body were shutting down. For at least 40 hours straight her pacemaker recorded her heart in atrial […]

Jesus' love

Closer To Christ: Feeling Jesus’ Love

We all experience ups and downs in our faithfulness and devotion. For me, I really want to do the right thing; but, as it turns out, I am a weak vessel. I need to ask for help continually and repent continually. One weekend a few months ago, I was feeling sheepish about my efforts to […]